Sanitary & Hygiene Services

Sanitary Bins:
At QFS we specialise in the both the supply and regular servicing (replacement) of sanitary bins in restroom cubicles. We use neat slimline units as our standard bins with other models available upon request. Each and every service we exchange the units with fresh bins which have been cleaned, deodorised and sanitised before delivery. We install each bin with a special sanitised liner. We also use an antibacterial spray that provides the highest possible hygiene level for each unit.  We tailor service frequencies to your requirements as every business has varying needs.

Air Fresheners:
Bathroom odour can reflect poorly on your business. To aid in combatting these harmful smells, QFS uses the latest in air freshener technology. These smart units deliver measured doses of fragrance at fully programmable intervals. QFS uses high quality aromatherapy based fragrances with differing levels of strength. These provide an effective odour control system in areas of heavy usage as well as areas that require a more subtle fragrance that is not too overpowering. Each service, our fully trained staff service and maintain the unit. Our wide range will fight malodour and make your bathroom areas fresh and appealing environments.

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