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Queensland Facility Services


Queensland Facility Services

Safety is everyone’s responsibility


QFS is a commercial cleaning services business that recognises its moral and legal responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment for workers (including contractors and workers of contractors), customers and visitors to the workplace.

Objective: Our WHS objective is to work towards the elimination of injuries and fatalities actively.  Our target is to remain injury and incident free.

Scope: This policy applies to all persons who work for QFS, irrespective of their individual employment arrangement. This procedure covers all persons who are directed and/or engaged to undertake tasks at QFS workplaces including employees, independent contractors, work experience students, trainees, apprentices, volunteers.

Policy: The PCBU is committed to:

  • Integrating WHS into all aspects of QFS operations
  • Compliance with legislative requirements, current industry WHS standards and co-operation with Regulatory bodies, as far as is reasonably practicable
  • Identifying any hazards in the workplace(s) that may be a risk to health and safety and eliminating or controlling those hazards
  • Exceeding legislative requirements and aiming for best practice systems of work
  • Provision and maintenance of a work environment that is safe and without risks to health
  • Consultation with workers and other parties to improve decision making on WHS and environmental matters
  • Information, training and supervision to workers, customers, and visitors to ensure safety
  • Support and assist workers in effective injury management and rehabilitation. 

QFS Policies


QFS recognises its moral and legal responsibility to minimise damage to the environment caused by work activities.  This commitment extends to ensuring that our shop operations do not unnecessarily endanger flora, fauna, sensitive areas, or present concerns to members of the public and community.

Objective: The objective of this plan is to actively work towards elimination and reduction of negative effects to the environment by ensuring environmental impacts are incorporated into all levels of the organisation and utilising best practice techniques wherever possible. 

QFS will endeavour to minimise impact on the following:

  • Atmospheric emissions (including odour)
  • Site contamination and spills
  • Damage to flora and fauna
  • Storm water contamination
  • Chemical spills / accidental release​
  • Unnecessary energy consumption

To fulfil this commitment, QFS, will observe all environment laws and promote environmental awareness among all workers to increase understanding of environmental matters.

QFS will actively:

  • Assess its “Eco-footprint” to identify environmental impacts and move towards more sustainable practices
  • Identify waste streams and options for effective waste management
  • Improve purchasing (buy recycled materials, “Buy Quiet”, reduce waste, use less harmful/volatile chemicals)
  • Avoid purchasing over-packaged products
  • Refuse to purchase unethical or unsustainable products
  • Improve storage (reduce quantity, waste, and spills, reduce odours by keeping containers closed)
  • Conserve energy (eco-friendly lights, turn lights off, emergency efficient equipment, greener fuel sources – such as LPG)
  • Purchase electricity from energy providers supplying energy from renewable sources if possible
  • Conserve water (install water saving accessories, repair leaks)
  • Preserve waterways (clearly mark and protect storm water drains)
  • Emergency planning and spill response (including consideration of environmental impact)
  • Seek appropriate licenses/permits from State Environmental Protection Agencies and other relevant Authorities
  • Consult with indigenous community representatives regarding potential heritage and indigenous significance
  • Improve education/awareness
  • Notify relevant authority in the event of a major environmental impact. 

Responsibilities: The PBCU is committed to:

  • Integrating environmental consideration into all aspects of QFS operations
  • Compliance with all relevant legislative requirements and co-operation with Regulatory bodies
  • Measurable targets to ensure continued improvement reflected in accountability/key performance indicators at all levels
  • Consultation with workers and other parties to improve decision-making on environmental matters
  • Identification of environmental issues, assessment of risks and implementation of best practice controls to limit negative impacts to the environment
  • Development, implementation, and review of written work procedures
  • Distribution and communication of information and work procedures
  • Training and supervision to workers to ensure written procedures to minimise environmental impacts are followed.

Workers are expected to:

  • Take reasonable care, and consideration, of environmental impacts while at work
  • Co-operate with QFS to enable compliance with legal obligations
  • Participate in consultative arrangements in relation to environmental matters
  • Assist management to meet environmental targets/key performance indicators.


Queensland Facility Services provides contract cleaning and associated services to all Industry Sectors. Our Company is dedicated to providing the highest level of Customer Service, Quality and Productivity, commensurate with the contracted conditions and agreed Customer expectations.

Our aims are:

  • To provide high quality services to our customers;
  • To adhere to or exceed the requirements outlined in International Standard ISO 9001:2008 as the basis of our Quality Management Systems;

To achieve these aims we will:

  • Regularly seek feedback from our customers via various means to ensure that we measure, monitor, control and review our levels of service to       meet and/or exceed agreed outcomes;
  • Review our quality systems, processes and procedures regularly to ensure they deliver against our quality commitment;
  • Continually select and train our personnel to ensure that the Company commitment to Service is translated into practice;

We are committed to work in partnership with our Customers, Field Operators, Staff and Management to ensure that this Policy is achieved.