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Queensland Facility Services Guarantees

Queensland Facility Services | Hassle Free Service Guarantee
Queensland Facility Services | Quality and Compliance Guarantee
Queensland Facility Services | Ethical Standards Guarantee

Ethical Guarantee:

QFS guarantees to pay all staff the correct rate of pay, on time every time. This is evidence by our current staff turnover of less than 1% with many of our original employees being with the company for over 10 years.

Value for Money Guarantee:

We guarantee all of our services will be the best value for money by applying the following principles:

  • Careful use of resources to save expense, time or effort.
  • Delivering the same level of service for less cost, time or effort.
  • Delivering a better service or getting a better return for the same amount of expense, time or effort

Hassle Free Service Guarantee:

When you engage QFS for your organisation you will be guaranteed that the transition and ongoing services will be hassle free. Our current customers all agreed that a hassle free service was the most important factor in their decision to choose QFS.

Quality & Compliance Guarantee:

QFS guarantees quality & compliance of all our services through use of our comprehensive Quality, Safety & Environmental Management System which is modelled on both the international and Australian Standards.

Safety Guarantee:

QFS has an unmatched Safety record in the cleaning industry which has allowed the company to gain a WorkCover Premium rate well below the industry standard. Rest assured when you engage QFS for any services that the safety of all staff, visitors and customers are our utmost priority.  QFS will not risk our reputation with any unsafe work practices. All QFS staff are trained to identify hazards in the workplace which we regularly reward with Safety Recognition Awards.

Queensland Facility Services | Value For Money Guarantee
Queensland Facility Services | Safety Standards Guarantee